Anna University Question Papers for all Sems

Find your Anna University Model Papers/University Papers here. You can use the search facility to search for the paper you need. I would like to thank AU for providing these papers in the first place ;) . Also do constantly check the Anna University site. They might upload the new regulation papers.

ECE – Electronics and Communication Engineering


EC141-Electronic Devices

EC142-Circuit Theory


EC231-Network Analysis and Synthesis

EC232-Signals and Systems

EC233-Electromagnetic Fields

EC234-Electronic Circuits-1

EE253-Electrical Engineering


Model Papers:

EC241-Electronic Circuits-2

EC243-Programming and Data Structures

EC244-Linear Integrated Circuits

MA034-Random Processes

Actual Exam Papers:

EC241-Electronic Circuits-2

EC242-Digital Electronics

EC243-Programming and Data Structures

EC244-Linear Integrated Circuits

EC245-Measurements and Instrumentation


EC331-Microprocessor and its Applications

EC332-Communication Theory and System

EC333-Digital Signal Processing

EC334-Control Systems

EC335-Transmission Lines and Networks

EC336-Computer Architecture


EC041-Medical Electronics

EC341-Digital Communications

EC342-Electromagnetic Waves and Waveguides

EC343-Computer Communications and Networks

EC345-Television and Video Engineering


EC431-Antennas and Propagation

EC432-Microwave Engineering

EEE – Electrical and Electronics Engineering


EC253-Electron Devices

EE231-Electromagnetic Theory

EE232-Electrical Machines-1




EC254-Electronic Circuits

EC256-Communications Engineering

EE236-Network Analysis and Synthesis

Actual Exam Papers:

EC254-Electronic Circuits

EC256-Communications Engineering

EE235-Control Systems

EE236-Network Analysis and Synthesis

EE237-Object Oriented Programming


EE331-Measurements and Instrumentation

EE332-Power Electronics

EE333-Digital Systems

EE334-Integrated Circuits

EE335-Transmission and Distribution

EE336-Design of Electrical Apparatus


EE337-Digital Signal Processing

EE338-Protection and Switchgear

EE339-Power System Analysis

EE340-Microprocessors and Applications

EE350-Computer Architecture

MG331-Principles of Management

CSE-Computer Science Engineering


CS237-Object Oriented Programming



That’s all I have guys. Sorry if you didn’t find the paper you were looking for. And I don’t have any more papers and don’t intend to upload anymore either. So don’t request for more papers.


3 Responses to “Anna University Question Papers for all Sems”

  1. sathish kumar Says:

    sir v need all the semester model question papers for EEE students both anna university chennai and coimbatore

  2. guna Says:

    may i get question papers for cse 2008 batch students for 6 th semester

  3. k.saisaravanan Says:

    thanks a lot…! very useful

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