Best MBA Programs for Online Distance Learning

In the current job market, a good degree or qualification is an extra edge but if you do not have the time to attend college full time, you can always take up an online distance learning course. If you work in the field of business but have not been making much progress in your career, a degree in management or an MBA degree program is what you need.  Following are some of the best MBA programs for online distance learning.

Distance Learning MBA UK

The UK has some of the best universities in the world and when it comes to offering MBA degree programs, the UK has some great courses. These are some of the best distance learning MBA UK programs we found:

  • The Aberdeen Business School
  • Brunel University
  • The Edinburgh Business School
  • Heriot Watt University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • The University of Warwick Business School

The Warwick Business School of course seems to be the most sought after distance learning MBA UK program due to the school’s excellent reputation and also because it offers the flexibility of switching between delivery modes.

Distance Learning MBA USA

There are hundreds of distance learning MBA USA programs on offer and choosing the right one would depend on a student’s needs and preferences. However, here are some popular online distance learning MBA degree programs you may be interested in:

  • The Arizona State University
  • Pace University
  • Drexel University
  • Duke University
  • Indiana Univerisity
  • University of Texas at Dallas

While there are several  MBA degree programs to choose from in USA, the online distance learning MBAs offered by Duke and Indiana still remain the most popular.

Distance Learning MBA Europe

A European degree is very highly regarded and many choose to pursue a distance learning MBA Europe program. Some of the best online distance learning options available for a European MBA are:

  • The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management (ESCEM) School of Business and Management, France
  • Manheim Business School, Germany
  • International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland
  • Escuela Superior de Adm. y Dir. deEmpresas (ESADE), Spain

There are several online distance learning courses offered in each European country with French and Swiss MBA degree programs usually considered some of the best.

Distance Learning MBA India

Business schools in India are some of the best in the world with MBA degree program graduates from India securing the world’s best and highest paying jobs. These are some of the best distance learning MBA India programs:

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning

While each of these institutes offer excellent online distance learning courses, the IIMs are the most popular and sought after MBA degree programs in the country.

Some regions have more online distance learning opportunities available while the online MBA degree programs available in other places may be limited. For this reason, often these distance learning programs are not limited to citizens of a particular country alone so online students everywhere can take advantage of these great courses. While some of these MBA degree programs are 100% online distance learning courses, a few might require some class attendance. Enquire with the individual schools for the information you need.

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